Mauritius- New Country to join WIPO- Patent Cooperation Treaty

December 20, 2022
World Intellectual Property Organization

By Johny Solomon Raj and Shantanu Mishra

Mauritius, a country in African continent deposited its Instrument of Accession to the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) on December 15, 2022, thereby becoming 157th member to join the PCT.

The PCT will come into force in Mauritius from March 15, 2023

The PCT is an international treaty currently contracting 156 States and enabling patent protection for an invention internationally through filing of a single PCT application.

Mauritius was a member of only Paris Convention earlier wherein the applicants and inventors following the said route had to file corresponding applications within 12 months of filing the earliest priority application.

After entering the PCT:

  1. Applicants and inventors in Mauritius can file PCT application and seek patent protection in PCT contracting states within a period of 30/31 months of filing the earliest priority application.
  2. Foreign applicants and inventors can now use PCT system to seek patent protection in Mauritius by designating the said state in the PCT application.

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