Notice regarding the list of missing registered trademark files

January 21, 2012

The Controller General of Patents Design and Trademarks (CGPDTM) has issued a public notice stating that with the help of concerned proprietors and trade mark agents, most of the missing files in relation to registered trademarks in the various offices of the Trade Marks Registry (TMR) have now been reconstituted and records have been updated in the system. It is further stated that the number of missing registered TM files now stands at 47.

The CGPDTM had earlier issued a notice on April 25, 2011 informing the public that 44,404 files related to registered Trademarks were missing from different branches of the Trademark Registry. The Registry later issued another notification dated July 28, 2011 stating that through co-operation of the registered proprietors and in pursuance to the steps taken by it the number of physical missing registered trademark files was reduced to 8183.

The Registry has now requested the registered proprietors of the missing files or their authorized agents to submit all available documents with them concerning the attached list (copied below) of registered trade mark missing files.


Missing registered trademark list
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