NRDC calls for proposals for maturing lab scale COVID-19 technologies

April 16, 2020
National Research Development Corporation

With a vision to combat the COVID 19 virus, spreading incessantly, the National Research Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ‘NRDC’) has invited proposals from the innovators for maturing Lab Scale COVID 19 technologies[1]. The NDRC in this regard has rolled out two promotional schemes i.e. Techno Commercial Support and Priority Project.

About NRDC

NRDC was established in the year 1953 by the Government of India, with the primary objective to promote, develop and commercialise the technologies, inventions and patents originating from various research and development institutions and universities. Over the decades, the NRDC has developed a wide network of research institutions, academia and industry. It has further made formal arrangements with such institutions for the commercialisation of technological know-how developed in their laboratories. Presently, it is recognised as a large repository of wide range of technologies spread over almost all areas of industries. NRDC also undertakes a number of activities under its promotional programme like that of the above for encouragement and advancement of research, promotion of inventions and innovations, Techno-Commercial support, technical and financial assistance for IPR Protection, value addition services and support for further development of technologies.

Innovators who can apply for the proposal

Research and Development institutions, Universities, Start-ups, MSMEs and Industries

Areas for which the support is provided

The aforesaid support will be provided for development of COVID 19 technologies in the following areas including but not limited to tracking, testing, treatment, relevant applied studies, validation/ authentication of a product, registration of the product with regulatory authorities, conducting field trials, bridging the gap between lab scale development and industrial requirements.

Conditions and amount of grant

  1. For Techno-commercial support – INR 2 lakhs
  2. For Priority Projects – INR 10 lakhs

The aforesaid amounts for grant assistance may be enhances depending upon merits, availability of budgets and mutually agreed terms.

Further, one company can be allowed only one grant

Mode of Application

Application to be submitted online on the official website of NRDC after filling all the required details about the project accompanied with necessary supporting documents


Though the applications may be submitted throughout the financial year, however, looking into the essence of time for COVID 19 technologies, the last date for submission of application is on May 15, 2020.


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