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FAQs on design laws in Philippines

FAQs on design application and filing requirement in Philippines


Can multiple design applications be accepted in Philippines?

Multiple design applications are permitted in the Philippines.


What is term of design in the Philippines?

 Design registration in the Philippines is valid for five years and may be renewed for two additional five-year periods. The renewal fee is to be paid within twelve months prior to the expiration of the protection period.


What is novelty grace period in Philippines?

Novelty grace period for a Philippine design application constitutes six months prior to the filing date or the priority date, if any.


What is procedure for Examination of a design application in the Philippines?

Design applications in the Philippines are subject to formal examination only.


How to claim priority in the Philippines?

 If priority is being claimed, a certified copy of the priority application together with the English translation thereof must be submitted to the IP Office at the time of filing of the application.


What is minimum filing requirements for design application in the Philippines?

An industrial design application in the Philippines must contain at least:

  • request for design registration;
  • applicant’s details;
  • description of the design;
  • representation of the design.

Note: A signed and stamped (for legal entities) original of the Power of Attorney should be submitted within two months from the filing date of a design application in the Philippines. 

Foreign applicants must appoint an agent, a registered Philippine patent attorney to perform industrial design registration in the Philippines.


What is term for filing a design application in the Philippines

A Philippine design application claiming conventional priority must be filed to the Philippine IP Office within six months from the priority date.

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