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Understanding different types of Design Applications in Nepal

Filling a design application in Nepal

According to the Chapter3, Section 13 (1) of the act:

  • A person desirous to register the design of any article manufactured or caused to be manufactured under Section 14, shall submit to the Department, an application in a formals as specified in Schedule 1 (b), together with 4copies of such design and maps, and drawings and particulars thereof.
  • (2) The person submitting an application under Sub-Section (1) shall pay, along with the application, the application fee to the department specified in Schedule 3 (2) (a).

Case of Conventional Application

After filing an application at department of industry, Nepal, the applicant can file the same design in the convention country under PCT. The time period for this is 6 months, starting from the date of filing of the first application.

Patent, Design and Trade Mark Act, 1965

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