Drafting of Commercial Agreements and Contracts

As contracts create a legal relationship between parties, they play an essential role in any transactions or deals entered into by companies or individual persons. Hence, it is essential that all the terms and conditions of the contract are drafted with utmost precision and legal vetting of contract is done carefully and efficiently. Some typical stipulations in a contract may be definitions, object of the agreement, rights and liabilities/ obligations of parties, confidentiality clauses, protection of IPR, dispute settlement mechanism etc.

Commercial agreements and contracts are an indispensable aspect of any transaction or deal. Hence, drafting of commercial agreements and contracts with utmost precision and with all necessary stipulations is vital for any organization. Contracts being documents which are created with the intent to create legal relationships, play a crucial role in governing relationships like employer and employee, licensor and licensee, insurer and insured, builder and buyer etc.

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