How arrangement of application elements is conducted in a design application?

  • The elements of the design application, if applicable, should appear in the following order:
  • Design application transmittal form.
  • Fee transmittal form.
  • Application data sheet.
  • Specification.
  • Drawings or photographs.
  • Executed oath or declaration.
  • The specification should include the following sections in order:
  • Preamble, stating the name of the applicant, title of the design, and a brief description of the nature and intended use of the article in which the design is embodied.
  • Cross-reference to related applications (unless included in the application data sheet).
  • Statement regarding federally sponsored research or development.
  • Description of the figure or figures of the drawing.
  • Feature description.
  • A single claim.

(c) The text of the specification sections defined in paragraph (b) of this section, if applicable, should be preceded by a section heading in uppercase letters without underlining or bold type.

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