Global Intellectual Property Index: India’s Ranks 44 out Of 50

February 15, 2018

In the 2018 Global Intellectual Property Index, (hereinafter referred to as ‘GIPI’) India has secured 44th position out of 50 countries – a jump from 43rd of 45 economies in 2017. This year India has managed to perform slightly better in the annual International IP Index. The improvement was expected to happen due to better protection for trademarks and copyrights and easier rules to patent computer-related innovations. India scored 12.03 out of 40 and its scores have increased to 30% in comparison to last year’s 25% i.e. a significantly 5% jump.

In an interview to BloombergQuint, Patrick Kilbride, vice-president of GIPC, said that ‘For the first time, India has broken free of the bottom 10 percent of economies measured. Compared with 25 percent (8.75 out of 35) of the possible total score in the fifth edition, India scored 30 percent (12.03 out of 40) in the sixth edition, representing the largest percentage improvement of any country measured.’

The ‘Guidelines on the Examination of Computer-Related Inventions’ issued in July, 2017, strong performance in new indicators and improved technological environment have all impacted positively on the rankings this year. However, there are still some grey areas on which the nation plans to work this year. These areas are unnecessarily prolonged, lengthy pre-grant opposition proceedings, inadequate IP protection given to Life Sciences, limited framework for protection of life sciences, Compulsory licensing, limited participation in international treaties, etc.





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