Supply of non-essential items through e-Commerce prohibited: MHA revises guidelines

April 22, 2020
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Supply of non- essential goods by e-commerce companies

In furtherance to the earlier notification dated April 15, 2020[1] the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued a new order regarding supply of non-essential goods by the e-commerce companies. Under the new revised guidelines dated April 19, 2020[2], the MHA has now clarified that the operations of the e-commerce companies for supply of non-essential goods continues to be prohibited.

Supply of Non-essential items through e-commerce still prohibited

The relevant extract of notification is reproduced herein below:

“while operations of e-commerce companies for non-essential goods stands prohibited, however they will continue to operate for essential goods as has been allowed earlier.

The notification in the aforesaid regard also states that the vehicles used by e-commerce companies, engaged in supply of only essential goods, would be allowed to ply. However, they would have to mandatorily take necessary permissions as issued by the Government in this regard.

In the notification, MHA has requested to clarify about the above position of supply of essential items only through e-commerce  to the field agencies and also the general public so as to avoid any interruption in the smooth movement and supply of essential goods including by e-commerce companies.

As per media reports, the e-commerce companies have welcomed this decision and have urged their employees to focus on “exploring new innovative ways to drive value for our ecosystem of sellers, brands, partners, kiranas and customers”[3]




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