Health Trade License

May 14, 2019
Health Trade

With the improvement in the ease of doing business ranking, India is becoming the increasingly becoming the popular destination for establishment of business opportunities. Numerous domestic and international entrepreneurs are exploring different arenas for setting up of their business. This process requires a lot of investment not only in terms of time, money and experience but also procurement of appropriate permits and licenses which may be at central, state as well as municipal levels.

Health Trade License

A substantial segment of businesspersons are interested in health trading activities such as restaurants, eating houses, hotels, guest houses, tea/ coffee shops, cafes, boarding houses, canteens, theatres, cinemas, circus, auditoriums, theatres, laundry, dry cleaner, saloon, beauty parlour, clubs, dancing hall, spas, gyms, health clubs, petrol pumps cum service stations, general store, provisional store, pastry & confectionary stores, floor mill, sellers of food in the form of fruits/ vegetables/ packed food/ meat/ chicken/ poultry are permitted to carry out such activities after obtaining health trade license from the respective municipal authority.

Information/ Documentation needs

Along with the prescribed information regarding the details of the applicant, address, measurements of the premises, etc. some of the documents required to be submitted along with the filing an application form for health trade license are given below:

  1. Permanent Account Number/ Tax Deduction Account Number
  2. Proof of payment of property taxes, fines, etc.
  3. Proof of ownership
  4. Proof of change of land use
  5. Copies of latest electricity and water bill
  6. No-Objection Certificate from the Fire Services Department
  7. Site/ Layout sanction Plan
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. Self-Declaration


Prior to the expiry of the term of the license issued by the respective municipal authority, the licensee is required to apply for the renewal of the same in order to lawfully continue the activities intended to be undertaken. The documents required for renewal of the health trade license include copy of the previously issued health trade license, self-declaration, etc.


For the purpose of carrying out activities in the health trade sector, the businesspersons are required to obtain health trade license from the respective municipal authorities.

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