India: Fake Cosmetics are a rising concern

August 16, 2018
Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation


Need for Stringent actions against counterfeit cosmetics in India

The quality of cosmetic products should be treated as seriously as medicines and paramedic products. They have a lasting effect on the users almost as serious and inherent as pharmaceutical products do. It has been reported that fake/ counterfeit cosmetic products are becoming a general concern amongst cosmetic brands and authorized manufacturers as unauthorized cosmetics take their place in the market attracting young population due to their lowly pricing against the exorbitant prices of the authentic products. It is also a rising concern amongst cosmetic industry regulators and consumer authorities as these fake cosmetics are a threat to health and safety of the users. Unknowingly so, the consumers are easily attracted towards sub-standard products because of the prices and the tag of being ‘imported’ products. Consumers are also attracted towards ‘imported’ tag on these cheap cosmetics.

Before importing cosmetics into India, a strict procedure of obtaining registration certificate for such cosmetics products is to be followed. The authenticity of the manufacturers, the tests conducted on the products, the methods by which these tests are conducted are some of the major aspects of an application for obtaining Registration Certificate which are verified by the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO). Harmful elements like Lead, Arsenic, Mercury are not allowed to be present beyond prescribed standards in these products. Presence of Chromium is completely banned from being an ingredient in the cosmetics to be imported in India. Once the products’ documentation satisfies these tests, only then is the registration certificate allotted.

However, it has been reported that the counterfeit cosmetics prevalent in the market and boasting to be imported goods are actually just locally manufactured sub-standard goods and a great cause of skin and health related problems. There is an urgent need to take stringent action against counterfeit manufacturers and those bypassing the law and compliances in the mushrooming industry of cheap cosmetics.

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