India: Madurkathi of West Bengal Gets a Geographical Indication (GI) Tag

April 23, 2018


Madurkathi are mats woven from a locally available soft reed called “Madur kottir”. Madur is the Bengali vernacular for floor mats. Mats are an integral part of Bengal’s lifestyle. Madur is a tradition and pride of Medinipur district of West Bengal. Usually, women of the households are involved in weaving this beautiful craft. With change in the requirement of the market, the mats are now also used for making decorative and utilitarian items. Madurkathi is locally available and is found abundantly in the alluvial tracts of East and West Medinipur districts of West Bengal.

On March 28, 2018, the Government of West Bengal, was granted Geographical Indication (GI) Tag for ‘Madurkathi’ vide registration no. 567 in respect of handicrafts. The application of registration of Madurkathi was filed by The West Bengal Khadi & Village Industry Board, Government of West Bengal. Madurkathi mats are popular and beneficial for the sitting as well as bedding purposes. The non-conducting property and ability to absorb sweat makes the mat a necessity household item in the hot and humid climate of West Bengal. These mats are also used for religious purposes.

The Government of West Bengal has previously secured registrations for handicrafts products. Details thereof are as under:

Registration No. Geographical Indications
52 Nakshi Kantha
104 Santiniketan Leather Goods
138 Santipore Saree
173 Baluchari Saree
176 Dhaniakhali Saree
453 Bankura Panchmura Terracotta Craft
563 Bengal Dokra
564 Bengal Patachitra
565 Purulia Chau Mask
566 Wooden Mask of Kushmandi
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