MYANMAR – First Trademark Journal Published by IPD, Myanmar

May 14, 2024
Myanmar first trademark journal published by IPD ,Myanmar

By Abhishek Chandok and Abhay Nanda

The Department of Intellectual Property (IPD) under the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar has released its first Trademark Journal bearing no. TM/2024/01 under the new trademark law that came in force in 2019 and was fully implemented in 2023 after the grand opening period got over.

The journal has been published on May 01, 2024, inviting oppositions within a period of 60 days from the said date, and contains 410 marks published across 41 classes. No mark was published in classes 13, 15, 23 and 40.

A tabular representation of the same is as under:
Bar Graph
Further, out of 410 marks, 22 marks belonged to the local / domestic entities of Myanmar.
Local and foreign

The marks published in the journal will proceed towards further registration process if no opposition is filed against registration of the same. Since there will be no substantive examination of the marks, the interested parties will have to be careful to keep an eye on the published marks, so that necessary action can be taken to protect their rights and interests.

A Notice of Opposition can be filed on form TM-8 along with the official fee of 150,000 kyat (USD 75 approx.) to oppose a published application.

Although the IPD has started publishing the trademark journals, the interval of publications has not yet been informed by the IPD.

With this development, the IPD has moved a step closer towards registration of trademarks in Myanmar.

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