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Leniency program


Leniency program is a kind of whistle-blower provision which is designed to give incentives to member of a cartel, who takes the initiative to approach the CCI and report about cartel. CCI is required to treat the following information furnished by a cartel member as confidential:

  • the identity of the applicant; and
  • the information, documents and evidence furnished by the cartel member under leniency program.

Disclosure of information shared by cartel member

CCI may disclose the identity of such person or the information furnished by him/ her only in the following scenarios:

  • the disclosure is required by Law; or
  • the applicant has agreed to such disclosure in writing;
  • there has been a public disclosure by such person.

Further, if the Director General of CCI deems it necessary to disclose the information, documents and evidence furnished by such person to any party for the purposes of investigation and the person has not agreed to such disclosure, the Director General may disclose such information, documents and evidence to such party for reasons to be recorded in writing and after taking prior approval of CCI.

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