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Advantages of INDRP

Advantages of INDRP in India

It is an undisputed fact that .INDRP (.IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) serves an important and crucial role in out of Court settlement or resolution of domain name disputes.

INDRP sets out the terms and conditions for resolution of dispute arising out of domain registration and use of .IN domain name. The legal proceedings at the .INDRP can be initiated by any person who is of the view that the registered domain name conflicts with his legitimate rights and interests:

  • if the registrant’s domain name is identical or confusingly similar to mark in which the complainant has rights;
  • that registrant has no right in the disputed domain name;
  • that the registrant’s domain name is registered and is being used in bad faith

The advantages of the .INDRP procedure are enumerated as under:

  • Mandatory implementation of the resulting decisions.
  • Process is relatively transparent as the .IN Registry posts all disputed domain names, case status, case statistics and full text of decisions on its website.
  • The process of dispute resolution is also fair and effective and the legitimate rights of trademark owners has prevailed in majority of the decisions decided by the .IN Registry. Some of the Domain names that have been transferred following .INDRP referrals are ,,,

.IN Registry’s website can be accessed here.

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