Design Filing Registration Cost India @1000/-*


Design Filing Registration Cost India @1000/-*

Design Application Filing Registration Official Cost in India i.e official government fees for an individual / natural person is INR 1000/-, while for a small entity it is INR 2000/- and for applicants other than small entity the official fees for design application filing is INR 4000/-.

Design Official Fees forOfficial Government Fees (INR)
  For natural person For other than natural person either alone or jointly with natural person
    For small entity For others except small entity
On application for registration of design 1000 2000 4000

Design Registration Stages in India : Know more about Design Filing in India.

The main stages in Design Registration include Design Filing, Examination, Registration & Renewal.

Design Filing: For filing a design application in India, design application form alongwith the prescribed fee and four copies of the representation of the design are to be filed. The application can either be filed online or at the relevant Design Office.

Design Examination: Once an application is filed it is taken up for examination. No separate request for examination for a design application is required to be filed with the IPO. After examination of application, the applicant has to correct the defects and resubmit the application for acceptance within six months from the official date of the application.

Design Registration and Publication: Post the examination stage and after removal of defects in the design application, the same is published by the Patent Office. on acceptance of design application, the IPO issues the registration Certificate and thereafter the same is duly notified in the Patent Office’s journal. 

Term of Protection: In India, a design registration lasts for a period of ten years from the date of registration of design.

The term of design registration can be further extended for another period of five years filing request in the prescribed manner alongwith the prescribed fee.

*Cost of Official fee only and based on applicant type as individual/startup/small entity only. Professional fees not included.

Design application forms can be accessed on the official website of Government of India at the below link. IP India

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