Design Renewal in India @INR2000/-*


Design Renewal in India @INR2000/-*

The official fees for design renewal in India is

  • INR 2000/- for a natural person
  • For other than natural persons, the official fee is INR 4000/-
  • For small entity and INR 8000/- for others except small entity.

The official fees for restoration of lapsed design for :

  • Naturals persons is INR 1000/-
  • For Small Entity the fees is INR 2000/- and
  • INR 4000/- for other than small entity.
The various costs involved in design renewal and design restoration in India are as under:
Design Renewal On what Payable Official Government Fees (INR)
    For natural person For other than natural person either alone or jointly with natural person
      For small entity For others except small entity
1 On application for design renewal (known as extension of copyright) 2000 4000 8000
2 On application for restoration of lapsed design 1000 2000 4000
3 Additional fee for restoration of design 1000 2000 4000

Design Renewal and Design Restoration in India

On issuance of registration certificate for a design, initially the term of registration or Copyright in a Design is ten years from the date of registration. In a case where priority is claimed with respect to a Design, the term is ten years from the priority date.

Extension of term of Design

This is also known as application for extension of copyright. Section 11(2) of the Design Act, 2000 provides for the extension of the term of Design and states that if before the expiration of ten years, application for the extension of period of copyright is made to the Controller in the prescribed manner then the Controller shall, on payment of prescribed fee, extend the period of copy-right for a second period of five years from the expiration of the original period of ten years.

Restoration of Design

As per Section 12(2) of the Design Act, 2000, if a registered design has lapsed due to non-payment of extension fee, then an application for restoration of lapsed Design is required to be submitted to the Controller alongwith prescribed form and fee, within one year from the date on which design is lapsed.

The Fourth Schedule appended to the Design Rules, 2014 provides for the official government fees for design renewal in India and the same can be accessed by click here to learn more .

*The Official fee for filing design renewal application in India is based on the type of entity i.e. natural person/ small entity. professional fees not included.

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