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Renewal of Design

Renewal of Design in India

Renewal of Design or Extension of Copyright in Design- On issuance of registration certificate for a design, initially the term of registration or Copyright in a Design is ten years from the date of registration. In a case where priority is claimed with respect to a Design, the term is ten years from the priority date.

The term of Design can be extended further for a period of five years on an application made in prescribed form by paying prescribed fee to the Controller before the expiry of the initial period of Copyright.

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If a registered design has lapsed due to non-payment of extension fee, then an application for restoration of lapsed design is required to be submitted to the Controller alongwith prescribed form and fee, within one year from the date on which design is lapsed.

An application for restoration of lapsed design shall contain a statement setting out the circumstances which led to the failure to pay the prescribed fee. If required, the Controller may require from the applicant such further evidence as he may think necessary for restoring design registration.

The Design Act, 2000 can be accessed here.

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