How to protect trademark in Bangladesh?

Remedies available for protection of trademarks in Bangladesh are:

Civil Action– The competent Courts can be moved for grant of relief of injunction against infringement and/or passing off.

Criminal Proceedings– Criminal complaints can also be filed against persons who have infringed the trademark in Bangladesh, in addition to a civil action.

Administrative Remedies– Notice of opposition can be filed against trademark applications published in the Trademarks Journal in Bangladesh. Proceedings can be initiated for rectification/cancellation of registered trademarks before the Registrar of Trademarks.

Border Measures– The Bangladesh Customs Act, 1969 confers power on the Commissioner of Customs to prohibit importation or exportation of certain goods. In exercise of the powers conferred by that section, the Commissioner of Customs has prohibited the import of those goods that have applied a false trade-mark or a false trade description. The Trademarks Act provides that the proprietor or a licensee of a registered trademark may give notice in writing to the Commissioner of Customs to prohibit the importation of any goods if the import of the said goods constitutes infringement under the Act.

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