Delhi High Court suspends functioning till August 14, 2020

August 3, 2020
Delhi high court Green Board

The Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the Delhi High Court vide its Office Order dated July 30, 2020 has further extended the suspended functioning of Delhi High Court till August 14, 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent spike witnessed of coronavirus cases in NCT of Delhi[1]. The suspension of High Court of Delhi is based on the terms as enumerated under the Resolution dated June 13, 2020[2].

The Office Order further notifies new date of hearing for all the matter listed before the Court from 04.08.2020 to 14.08.2020 as under:

Date already fixed New Date of Hearing
04.08.2020 (Tuesday) 28.09.2020 (Monday)
05.08.2020 (Wednesday) 29.09.2020 (Tuesday)
06.08.2020 (Thursday) 30.09.2020 (Wednesday)
07.08.2020 (Friday) 01.10.2020 (Thursday)
10.08.2020 (Monday) 05.10.2020 (Monday)
11.08.2020 (Tuesday) 06.10.2020 (Tuesday)
13.08.2020 (Thursday) 07.10.2020 (Wednesday)
14.08.2020 (Friday) 08.10.2020 (Thursday)


The Office Order further notifies that:

  1. The Courts of Registrars and Joint Registrars of Delhi High Court will be hearing matters listed before them through video conferencing; and
  2. Evidence shall be recorded only in ex-parte and uncontested matters where the same is required to be tendered by way of affidavit

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