Functioning of NCDRC during COVID lockdown extension- India

April 16, 2020
consumer protection

Clarification on the operations of NCDRC

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (hereinafter referred to as ‘NCDRC’) on April 14, 2020 issued an order regarding the functioning of the NCRDC during COVID lockdown extension in the entire nation upto May 03, 2020[1]. The said order has been issued to provide clarifications upon operations of NCDRC and to safeguard the interests of those associated with the National Commission in any manner.

Instructions issued by NCDRC in the Order

  1. The registry of NCDRC shall remain closed till May 04, 2020. However, all officers and staff members have been asked to work from home.
  2. The officers and staff members of NCDRC have further been instructed to be available through phones and non-attendance of phones shall be view seriously. If the services of the officers and staff members are required in public interest, they will also have to report to duty.
  3. The security guards and housekeeping staff have been asked to attend their duties all throughout the closure, in view of maintaining cleanliness and security reasons.

For the matters listed between April 14, 2020 to May 04, 2020, the following new dates have been provided.

Hearing Date

Further, if any matter requires urgent hearing, it may be mentioned before the Hon’ble President of NCDRC at his residential office, during the lockdown period, situated at New Delhi.

The said order clarifies upon the functioning of the NCDRC during COVID lockdown extension and provides the work structure to be followed so that the parties, complainant or potential complainant or appellants are well informed about the same


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