Reduction in amount of Individual Fee while designating Syrian Arab Republic

May 26, 2023
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By Abhishek Chandok and Vibhukant Chauhan

The Madrid Protocol is a convenient and cost-effective system that offers owners of the trademark the possibility to have their trademark protected in several countries (up to 130 countries*) by filing only one application and submitting a single set of fees. The System allows central management of trademark registrations with effects in various countries by providing a user-friendly, expeditious, and cost-effective set of procedures for the central filing of trademark application.

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in accordance with rule 35(2) (d) of the Regulations under the Madrid Protocol has established new amounts, in Swiss francs, of the individual fee that is payable when the Syrian Arab Republic is designated in an international application, in a designation subsequent to an international registration and in respect of the renewal of an international registration in which the Syrian Arab Republic has been designated.

As from June 09, 2023, the amounts of the individual fee payable in respect of Syrian Arab Republic is mentioned below:

Subsequent Designation
Items Amount

(in Swiss francs i.e. CHF)

Until June 08, 2023  To be applicable as from June 09, 2023
Application or Subsequent Designation –          for each class of goods or services 180 73
Renewal –          for each class of goods or services 180 73

The new amount will be payable in the following scenarios:

1- In case Syrian Arab Republic is designated in an international application which is received by the Office of origin on or after June 09, 2023

2- If the subject of a subsequent designation which is received by the Office of the Contracting Party of the holder on or after June 09, 2023, or is filed directly with the International bureau of WIPO on or after that date; or

3- If it has been designated in an international registration which is renewed on or after June 09, 2023.

The Official notice issued by WIPO can be accessed by clicking

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