Patent Filing And Registration Trends In Bangladesh

Understanding Patents Filing and Registration Trends in Bangladesh

Intellectual Property trends in Bangladesh

The Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Bangladesh has recently released the statistics for trademarks, patents and designs filings and registrations in Bangladesh, giving statistical data for the year 2014.

Our research team has compiled and analyzed 10 years of empirical data for the trademarks, patents and designs filings and registrations in Bangladesh from 1994 to 2014, by way of graphical representation as under.

Patents Filing and Registration Trends

In terms of patents filing and registration trends in Bangladesh, there has been a decline in the total number of patent applications from 316 in 2004 to 293 in 2014. Over the past 10 years, there has not been any major increase in the patent filing trends, and only minor fluctuations can be observed. Meanwhile, the number of patent grants have also declined from 230 in 2004 to 121 in 2014, and similar to the filing statistics, there has been no steady increase or decrease in the patent grant trends, and only fluctuations are observed over the decade.

Patent Applications received vs Patents granted

As per the released statistics, the number of patent applications are still dominated by foreign entities with almost a staggering 85% of the patent filings coming from them. Even in terms of granted patents, foreign entities are leading with 80% of the total patents granted in Bangladesh being those belonging to them.

Patent Applications received: Resident vs Non-resident

Patents granted: Resident vs Non-Resident

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