Spectrum Management in India


Spectrum Management in India

Spectrum management is an essential limb of the TRAI and it refers to the process of regulating use of radio frequencies to promote efficient use and gain a net social benefit. The TRAI is vested with the power to manage spectrum which includes areas like:

  • Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC)
  • Independent External Monitor
  • e-Collection of WPC & WPF
  • Auction of spectrum
  • Auction of spectrum in 1800 MHZ and 800 MHZ bands
  • Auction of spectrum in 1800 MHZ and 900 MHZ bands
  • 3G & BWA Auction Spectrum
  • Auction of Spectrum in 1800 MHZ, 900 MHZ

The WPC is responsible for Frequency Spectrum Management, including licensing and catering to the needs of all wireless users in the country. It issues licenses to establish, maintain and operate wireless stations and is divided into sections like Licensing and Regulation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA). SACFA makes the recommendations on major frequency allocation issues, formulation of the frequency allocation plan, making recommendations on the various issues related to International Telecom Union (ITU).2G Spectrum Scam-   The 2G spectrum scam case was a telecommunication scan which involved politicians and government officials. A Public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court in relation to the scam wherein the Apex Court declared the allotment of spectrum as unconstitutional and arbitrary and also cancelled 122 licenses issued by A. Raja (Former Minister of Telecommunications & IT), the prime accused. The Court further remarked in the case that Raja wanted to favour some companies at the cost of public exchequer, virtually gifting away national assets

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