Food Packaging & Labelling Regulations

Food Packaging & Labelling Law

Food Safety And Standards (Packaging And Labelling) Regulations, 2011

General Labelling Requirements

 every pre-packaged food shall carry a label containing information as required here under:

  1. The particulars of declaration on the label shall be in English or Hindi in Devanagari script;
  2. Pre-packaged food shall not be described on any label that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its character in any respect;
  3. Label in pre-packaged foods shall be applied in such a manner that they will not become separated from the container;
  4. Contents on the label shall be clear, prominent, indelible and readily legible by the consumer under normal conditions of purchase and use;
  5. Where the container is covered by a wrapper, the wrapper shall carry the necessary information or the label on the container shall be readily legible through the outer wrapper and not obscured by it;

Labelling Of Pre-Packaged Foods

In addition to the general labelling requirements, every package of food shall carry the following information on the label:

  • Name or description of food
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutritional information per 100 gm or 100ml or per serving of the product shall be given on the label
  • Declaration regarding veg or non veg
  • Declaration regarding food additives
  • Name and complete address of the manufacturer
  • Net quantity- by weight or volume or number
  • Lot/code/batch identification
  • Date of manufacture or packing
  • Best before and use by date
  • Country of origin for imported food
  • Instructions for use

Regulations On Labelling Of Food Products In India

Restrictions on food labels under Food Safety And Standards (Packaging And Labelling) Regulations, 2011

  1. Labels shall not contain reference to act or rules or regulations contradictory to required particulars;
  2. There shall not appear in the label of any package, containing food for sale the words “recommended by the medical profession” or any words which imply or suggest that the food is recommended, prescribed, or approved by medical practitioners or approved for medical purpose;
  3. Unauthorized use of words showing imitation prohibited;
  4. Imitations not to be marked “pure” the word “pure” or any word or words of the same significance shall not be included in the label of a package that contains an imitation of any food.

Norms For Packaging And Labelling Of Food Products In India

Packaging And Labelling Of Foods Under Section 23

  • No person shall manufacture, distribute, sell or expose for sale or despatch or deliver to any agent or broker for the purpose of sale, any packaged food products which are not marked and labelled in the manner as may be specified by regulations:

    provided that the labels shall not contain any statement, claim, design or device which is false or misleading in any particular concerning the food products contained in the package or concerning the quantity or the nutritive value implying medicinal or therapeutic claims or in relation to the place of origin of the said food products.
  • Every food business operator shall ensure that the labelling and presentation of food, including their shape, appearance or packaging, the packaging materials used, the manner in which they are arranged and the setting in which they are displayed, and the information which is made available about them through whatever medium, does not mislead consumers.

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