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E Filing or Online Filing of Patent Applications in India

The online filing of patent services was introduced in India in the year of 2007, which was later updated as the Comprehensive Online Patent Filing Services in the year of 2012. The Patent (Amendment) Rules 2016 obligate all applicants to file patent application and other subsequent filing online trough comprehensive E-Filing portal.

  • Features of Comprehensive E –filing services include:
    • Web based filing system
    • Dual way login (Digital Signature as well as Password based) and password regeneration procedure
    • Provision for filing of all entries as per Schedule 1 of the Patents Rules, 2003
    • Proper Validations with IPO Patent database
    • Facility to upgrade/update the digital signatures
    • User Profile
    • Improved procedures to minimize transaction errors
  • Benefits of e-filing of Patent Applications in India:
    • Physical filing required submission of hard copies of all the required documents to the appropriate authority. This usually proved to be a long complicated process that was very time-consuming. With the introduction of e-filing, the process became more easier for all user’s- and its relatively faster than manual filing.
    • Online filing of patent applications provides flexibility to the users to file patent application at any time and at any place.
    • The user can get instant acknowledgement upon filing the application.
    • Chances for occurrence of errors during entering the details for e-filing are reduced, as most of the details are automatically populated which can be easily cross verified and can be corrected.
    • Additionally, the Comprehensive E-Filing Services provided by Indian Patent Office has also ensured the users do the online transaction are error free, while making online payments.

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