What is the procedure for registrating a trademark in Pakistan?

The procedure for registrating a trademark in Pakistan is as follows:-

Trademark application filing in Pakistan- as per the procedure specified in the Trade Marks Ordinance.

Examination Report by the Pakistan Registry- an examination report is usually issued within three months to one year depending on the back log of the registry.

Reply to examination report- a reply to an examination report has to be filed. If the registry is satisfied with the reply, the application shall proceed for advertisement in the Trademarks Journal.

Advertisement in Pakistan Trademarks Journal- an application is advertised in the Trademarks Journal so as to invite the public for filing an opposition for the mark. Opposition- the time period to file a notice of opposition is two months from the date the Trademarks Journal in which the mark has been advertised, has been made available to the public. This time period is extendible by two month upon filing the request extension of time in the prescribed format. Registration- where no opposition is filed within the specified time, the application shall proceed to registration.

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