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How is PCT useful to the contracting states especially India?

In order to protect the invention in other countries, an applicant is required to file an independent patent application in each country of interest within a stipulated time to obtain priority in these countries. This entails a large investment to meet costs towards filing fees, translation, attorney charges etc.

 Additionally due to the short time available, the decision of filing the patent application in other countries is generally not well founded.

 Applicants of Contracting States of PCT on the other hand can simultaneously obtain priority for their inventions without having to file separate application in the countries of interest; thus saving the initial investments towards filing fees, translation etc.

 The PCT system also provides much longer time for filing patent application in member countries. Under the PCT, the time available could be as much as minimum 20 and maximum 31 months.

 Further, an inventor is also benefited by the search report and preliminary examination report prepared under the PCT system to be sure about the novelty and patentability of the invention.

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